About Conventus

Founded in 2006 by former Symantec consultants, Conventus is a national information security consulting firm that acts as a trusted advisor to senior executives on strategic risk management. We are experts in enhancing the implementation and performance of products and processes that protect your business from a constantly changing hostile environment of cyber-attacks and security breaches. Our customers rely on Conventus to get maximum protection from their endpoint and server security software and for extremely responsive incident management.

Conventus facts

  • We specialize in optimizing the performance and use of security software, including Symantec, to ensure your business gets maximum protection and 100% utilization from your security investments.
  • We’re recognized by Symantec for being the best in the business when it comes to implementing and managing endpoint and server security software.
  • We’ve architected solutions that are active on over 100,000 servers helping customers automate key activities like non-responding agents, log data aggregation, and policy exception routing and approval.
  • Conventus helps organizations avoid wasting large amounts of time addressing repetitive activities.
  • Our clients know their IT infrastructure meets security and compliance requirements for PCI, SOX and HIPAA.
  • We provide 50% greater visibility into the security of your endpoints, servers and data by using our proprietary analytics and tuning tools.
  • Conventus has more than 25 man-years in identifying and implementing workflow processes to monitor compliance remediation activity so your operations and executives can track progress and drive execution.
  • We’re based in Chicago, but our presence is nationwide. Our clients include 10 of the Fortune 50 and dozens of the Fortune 500.
  • A number of Conventus consultants are recognized as national leaders in security program technologies.


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