Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Targeted Attacks are highly targeted cyber attacks, amply funded, and directly aimed at your business. Unlike run-of-the-mill “smash and grab” attacks which indiscriminately seek out vulnerable organizations, APTs use multiple vectors to go after a targeted organization, using sophisticated methods to evade detection often over long periods of time.

Protection against APTs and Targeted Attacks requires a coordinated strategic policy integrating endpoint and server security, data loss prevention and enterprise compliance monitoring. Conventus is the best choice to develop an effective APT and Targeted Attack policy to protect your business.

Conventus has vast experience with complex security issues facing small and mid-size companies to the Fortune 500. We’ll quickly assess your “attack surface” and specific business risks to develop a cost-effective targeted approach to protecting your most critical assets.

Constantly changing threats
There are multiple vectors criminals can use to attack your business social media combing and spearfishing, endpoint attack and conquer, defeated endpoint internal attacks, log identification and removal, and more. Conventus takes a holistic approach to APT and Targeted Attack detection and prevention for visibility into all the risks you face. Working with your team, we develop a seamless and comprehensive approach to stop these threats from damaging your business.

Prevention remediation and reporting
Conventus enhances today’s best data security tools to help you understand the lifecycle of an attack. We make sure that automatic and appropriate responses are in place for prevention remediation and reporting.

Using a variety of tools including Symantec Critical System Protection, Data Loss Protection, Endpoint Protection and Control Compliance Suite Conventus helps you monitor, manage and remediate threats that combine multiple attack vectors method for maximum enterprise-wide protection. We protect your high-value assets aggressively while ensuring you don’t overspend protecting assets that represent only marginal risk.

Deterring cyber attacks
Conventus leverages decades of experience to help you deal with today’s most complex security threat simply and cost-effectively. We know the primary entry points, the key delivery vehicles, the individuals most susceptible to attack, and the objectives of today’s corporate cyber criminals. We maximize your use of Symantec and other data security technology to create a strategy that s right for your business.

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