Compliance is more than just the sum of its parts. The technical standards for IT Governance, Risk and Compliance have been extensively documented. Implementation is often fairly straightforward. The non-technical side of compliance the policies you create and the awareness and training you develop are no less important. The problem is that they’re often are viewed as separate from IT requirements. The result is a silo-ed approach that can leave your business vulnerable to security breaches and sub-optimal audit performance.

One business policy

Both the IT and the human side of the compliance challenge must be deeply linked and driven by one policy for your business to be really be secure. That’s why Conventus takes a holistic approach to risk management and compliance. We assess the entire spectrum of your compliance requirements, both business and technical, not just the parts. We’ve helped companies of all sizes, including many in the Fortune 1000, refine their compliance policies to convey the impact of IT risk in business-relevant terms, prioritize issues based on business risk rather than technical severity, and automate risk assessment and remediation lifecycles.

Your deliverables

  • A comprehensive assessment – We make sure each product you have running can address compliance gaps and meet the most stringent auditor evaluation or corporate compliance requirements.
  • Workflow processes – Our decades of experience help us identify and implement workflow processes to monitor compliance remediation activity. We give your operations people and executives one composite view of compliance to drive action and accountability
  • Security and compliance analytics – Our analytics identify the risk to a company s business software, not just an IP address.
  • Extensive experience and expertise – Conventus is one of the nation’s leading experts in Symantec’s Control Compliance Suite (CCS), the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced framework for IT Governance, Risk and Compliance. With our extensive experience, we can tailor CCS to meet your business’s unique risk management and compliance needs and utilize 100% of CCS’s functionality.

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