Endpoint and Mobile Security


Your business may have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of servers, desktops, laptops and other devices that employees use to interact directly with your most vital business asset the intellectual property and other confidential data you use to run your business. Ensuring security at these endpoints is a critical component of every organization’s IT security policy.

With a growing number of your employees using smartphones, tablets and other new mobile technologies, developing a comprehensive central corporate strategy for endpoint protection no matter where or what that endpoint is or how it’s being used is probably the most important security challenge you face today.

Experience is a necessity

We’ve secured millions of endpoints for hundreds of organizations, using the best security tools and technologies in the industry, including Symantec Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint Protection products and the Symantec Protection Suite, the most comprehensive centrally managed endpoint security solution for businesses today.

We’ve applied Symantec Endpoint Protection technology beginning with Symantec’s original Antivirus product in 2007 and through all its major releases and upgrades to over 3 million endpoints, with implementations as small as 75 endpoints to the largest Symantec implementations in the world, with nearly 500,000 endpoints protected.

As one of Symantec’s most trusted National Partners, Conventus helps you…

  • discover where vulnerable data resides in your organization;
  • monitor how it is being used and the risk potential; and
  • ensure protection against endpoint breaches and data loss.

Conventus advantages

  • Experience – Conventus consultants are recognized as the most experienced Symantec experts in the business. With our experience and expertise, we develop an endpoint strategy that’s tailored to your risk tolerance levels andyour unique business and industry requirements. We know how to maximize your utilization of Symantec Endpoint Security technology while reducing its cost and complexity.
  • We’re in it for the long-haul – We don’t implement and walk away. We assess your existing endpoint security policies and procedures versus industry and Symantec best practices. We recommend areas for improvements. And, most importantly, we conduct periodic endpoint security health checks to ensure maximum ongoing protection as your business and industry changes.
  • Rich set of services – We provide training, knowledge transfer, managed services, SEP help including on-site or remote staff augmentation and SEP support.

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