Critical System Protection

You ve made great strides in securing desktops and laptops with traditional protection technologies such as anti-malware, antivirus and whitelisting. However, the servers in your physical or virtual data centers can be a different story. The complexity, interconnectedness and business criticality of your server applications must be assessed to:

  • determine the levels of security required, and
  • manage the information security risks of each of these unique servers.

Protecting your data center and servers requires implementing advanced features including granular, policy-based controls, host-based intrusion detection and prevention, and least privilege access control plus others.

Enhanced protection
Symantec Critical System Protection (CSP), the most comprehensive and proven solution for server security, offers advanced features in abundance. It can do virtually everything you need when it comes to data center and server risk mitigation and protection. But without an in-depth understanding of your business requirements, CSP can be an overly-expensive and underutilized software investment that doesn’t provide the value you expected, and more importantly, the protection your company needs.

That’s why you need a consulting partner like Conventus. We ve protected more servers with CSP than all other companies combined, including Symantec. And we’ve helped companies that were using as little as 25% of CSP’s features achieve 100% utilization.

Approach and methodology
Our consulting approach and methodology starts with an in-depth understanding of your business requirements, the specific types of risks you face and your risk tolerance. We help you apply the appropriate controls software, procedural and operational to minimize or completely mitigate the risks to your specific business operations. Nothing more, nothing less, just the right solution for your company.

Best practices
Our unrivaled experience with CSP means we understand the best practices for assessment, implementation and support. In fact, we pioneered many of them. Best practices not in some abstract sense, but real-world best practices validated by years of experience working with hundreds of companies.

Symantec’s go-to-partner

We work hand in hand with Symantec to continually improve and shape the future of CSP. Some of the enhancements we’ve developed for CSP, such as Targeted Prevention, are now baked into the product itself. Count on us for SCSP reporting, SCSP tuning, critical systems protection and more. With Conventus, you’re virtually guaranteed a CSP solution that will continue to protect your business for years to come as the threats you face continue to evolve and multiply.

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