Monitoring The Health of Your AntiVirus Using SOLVE

To maintain a secure environment, the health of the environment is extremely important.   Managing the health status of of your antivirus solution is one of the first lines of a layered defense within a corporation’s complete security strategy.

Because of USB violations, 0-day attacks, and unknown rootkits discovered within corporations daily, a monitoring solution that handles simple reporting of your complete environment will reduce the time it takes to login to multiple consoles for reports.


Recently, a client had an issue of host integrity checks failing on their SEP clients. There were multiple checks in place and verifying each option via the SEP Console was taking too much time to effectively handle in a timely basis. We deployed SOLVE in his environment to handle his reporting needs, consolidating 5+ reports into one dashboard. For example, clicking on the FAIL section of the chart allowed the client to drill-down to the filtered raw data.


With this in report hand, the client was able to determine the correct remediation path and personnel to respond to this problem.


Contributed by: Brent Gueth

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