Performance Management

Today’s typical enterprise has dozens to hundreds of security tools that often operate nearly independent of one another. They produce a lot of data, but much of it goes unused. And often data generated by these security tools is “silo-ed” within the tools themselves, making it hard to get the tools to interact with one another. These individual tools make it nearly impossible for businesses to get one “version of the truth” to understand and prioritize their risk posture and remediation efforts.

SEP Reporting


Conventus is one of the nation’s leading experts in optimizing security tools, like those from Symantec and others, to provide both maximum insight into the security of endpoints and servers, and maximum enterprise-wide protection against attacks and security breaches. Using our proprietary Analytics and Reporting Platform, you get the consolidated and focused metrics and reporting you need to:

  • proactively meet all of your changing security and compliance requirements,
  • free-up your IT staff to focus on critical business assets, and
  • move to nearly 100% utilization of Symantec and other security systems features.

Outsourced Performance Management

Efficient and cost-effective way to implement and manage vital security tools.
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“Always Compliant” Security Reviews

Keep your security controls within your risk boundaries.
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Server Security Certification
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